Bathrooms: 5 new designs by Lapeyre

Bathrooms: 5 new designs by Lapeyre

Do you want a refurbishment in the bathroom? To inspire you, here are 5 new designs from Lapeyre with a very modern and contemporary look. Everything to please.

Zen attitude

Lapeyre ** Bath of well-being and sweetness in this bathroom. The secret ? The brown / beige / off-white color code between the furniture, the wall tiles and the wall frieze made up of mini pebbles. A perfect invitation to relax. **

Nature atmosphere

Lapeyre ** Notice to nature lovers! Here's a bathroom you could succumb to. Covered with wood from floor to ceiling, it gives the space an air of Zen with a natural attitude. **

Matt color for furniture

Lapeyre ** Are you tired of the faded colors in the bathroom, a room where you want to inject some energy? Consider choosing a color for the furniture. By betting on a desaturated and matte shade, like the red of this bathroom, the place of passage of all our mornings takes on a more invigorating air for an effective awakening without being brutal. **

The trend of purple furniture

Lapeyre ** There is no reason to deprive small designer bathrooms! And for good reason, Lapeyre opts for the purple trend. A dark color whose strong presence has enough to give personality to the bathroom. **