Practical storage for small balconies

Practical storage for small balconies

When hunting for centimeters is open, think practical! And on the balcony it's the same catchphrase. Discover for inspiration a selection of 10 smart storage spaces, designed for small outdoor spaces. Cupboards, high shelves, chest, chair, ladders bend to your desires of space!

A "two in one" piece of furniture for small outdoor spaces

Ikea This bench, equipped with a comfortable cushion for reading or resting, hides inside a chest for storing unsightly belongings.

A ladder as a shelf

What could be finer and more aerial than a bamboo ladder? Backing onto the facade, several aromatic pots are hung to cultivate a mini botanical garden.

Think of kitchen cupboards!

Ikea Shallow depths, compared to traditional furniture, such as a dresser or a sideboard, dress your balcony or loggia by hanging kitchen cupboards on the walls.

Think about the height

Ikea The decor takes height and climbs to the ceiling to use every inch. The shelves are partners of choice to invest the walls and store a maximum of business.

A chest for discreet storage

Maisons du Monde Practical for organizing your business and preventing moisture from damaging textiles, this chest will allow you to store seat cushions, beach towels, tablecloths, etc. in the evening.

Use the guardrail

Ikea Instead of buying furniture, consider using the railing on your balcony to gain a few precious centimeters. Practical: the drying rack to dry your clothes or to hang paper lanterns after dark.

A shelf like in the living room

Maisons du Monde This wooden shelf painted white and stained in gray creates a seaside spirit. When going out in fine weather, it can also be installed in the living room in winter.

A decorative podium

Maisons du Monde The decor climbs the steps to expose itself to everyone's eyes. Beautifully arranged on each shelf, here the essential products to enjoy the sun, keep on hand.

A hanging garden

Ikea When space runs out, raise your head! Here, using raffia string and a hook on the ceiling, hang a floral arrangement by tying the handles of an old enameled dish.