The Hôtel Georgette, an address with a strong decorative personality

The Hôtel Georgette, an address with a strong decorative personality

Located a stone's throw from the famous and inescapable Center Gorges Pompidou, the Georgette boutique hotel is a nod to the most emblematic artistic trends of contemporary art present at the Center Pompidou. Rising on 6 floors, each of the rooms are unique and follow their own artistic current. Discovery in pictures…

Stijl room

Hotel Georgette At first glance, we can see the artistic movement De Stijl born at the beginning of the 19th century, very recognizable with the use of primary colors in solid color.

Land Art Room

Hotel Georgette This trend in contemporary art uses nature. In decoration this translates into clear and natural colors and materials straight out of nature.

New realistic bedroom

Hotel Georgette Jacques Villeglé inspired this room. This contemporary artist uses torn posters recovered during urban walks to compose his works.

Op Art Room

Hotel Georgette The Op Art room plays with volumes and shapes with the wallpaper which plunges the room into a feeling of vertigo. Warning the eyes !

The breakfast room

Hotel Georgette All dressed in white, the breakfast room gives pride of place to pastries, cold and hot drinks.

Pop Art Room

Hotel Georgette There is color in this room. The fuchsia pink takes possession of the textiles and the ceiling and is then delayed by the white.

Pop Art Room 2

Hotel Georgette The starting point for the decoration of the room is inspired by the works of Andy Warhol and exhibits in the first line a very bright lemon yellow.

Street Art Room

Hotel Georgette Born from the street, this artistic movement is displayed in a revisited version in the bedroom. The tags on the walls dress the room comfortably decorated.