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An ethnic style decor in the bathroom

An ethnic style decor in the bathroom

The bathroom can become a real invitation to travel provided you give this room an ethnic inspiration. With warm colors and well-chosen objects, here's how to create an ethnic style in your bathroom.

Ethnic accessories

Leda ### To give an ethnic look to your bathroom, bet on a few accessories. So choose a geometric pattern rug and a few baskets to store your laundry. Choose a ladder as a towel dryer and choose brown as the main color.

Original materials

Aubade ### In the ethnic bathroom, the materials create the decor. We opt for example for a black wall with ocher reflections to recall the earth. This is to create a warm atmosphere using materials.

Ethnic-inspired furniture

Lapeyre ### For the choice of furniture, prefer simple lines and above all opt for a dark wood species. To energize everything, introduce a warm color like orange using decorative objects or bathroom linen.

Mosaic on the walls

Leroy Merlin ### To give a hamman style to your bathroom, opt for mosaic on the walls! Choose shades like chocolate and orange to give a cocooning and intimate style in this room.