7 solutions to hide your bag-in-box (in style)

7 solutions to hide your bag-in-box (in style)

Because we don't make a pretty outdoor table so that everything is ruined by an unsightly bag-in-box, but we also don't want to overlook refreshments. What to do in this case? Rather than going back and forth with the carafe, we offer you 7 cache bib which promised, will not stain on your summer tables.


WinyBar Thanks to its vertiginous legs, access to the tap of this bib cover is ideally placed. Inside, the bottom is tilted so that the wine flows naturally. The WinyBar is delivered with a slate and an erasable felt so that you can note the name of the hidden wine. ** WinyBar, different models, 54 and 59 € **

Obag '

Obag Made in France, this cache-bib stands out for its noble materials and simple elegance. Obag 'can be hung on a hook, worn over the shoulder or installed on a specially designed base. ** Obag ', € 29 for the different models **


Fiduz It's the design touch straight from Denmark. Its shape recalls the ancient drink fountains that adorned the bars. Legend has it that the designer had the idea of ​​the Fiduz bag-in-box cache in a small restaurant in Le Havre. ** Fiduz, different models, from 118 to 125 € **


Laboul A funny name for this cache-bib which focuses above all on simplicity. An ice-pack gel ensures the freshness of your drink throughout the meal. Very light and easy to clean, Laboul will be the companion of your summer. ** Laboul, different models, between 49 and 59 € **


Menu Like a raincoat, Winecoat protects your wine from all indecency. Its black rubber bottom ensures stability even on the most irregular surfaces like the lawn. The Winecoat handle makes it easy to pour wine from one glass to another. ** Menu Winecoat, around € 60 **


Cocobib The cache-bib which does not take itself seriously and reminds that everything is good in the pig. To make sure, just pull the corkscrew tail to access the beverage hiding place. ** Cocobib, different models, around 85 € **